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Does Transpiration Serve Any Useful Function in the Plants? Explain. - Science

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Does transpiration serve any useful function in the plants? Explain.

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Solution 1

Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the plants. The water evaporates through the stomata present on the surface of the leaves.

Transpiration is mainly responsible for the loss of water that was absorbed by the plants. However, it is important for plants as it helps in the movement of water to the top of tall trees. As a result, it helps in the distribution of water throughout the plant body. It also helps in cooling the plant.

Solution 2

1) It helps to enhance the absorption of water and dissolved minerals by creation of a suction pull.

2) It helps in getting rid of the excess water.

3) It helps in transport of water and minerals to leaves and leaves use the water for photosynthesis.

4) It produces a cooling effect on the plant

Concept: Transportation of Water and Food in Plants
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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 11 Transportation in Animals and Plants
Q 7 | Page 132

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