Does Our Society Need Reservation in Job? before We Defend Reservation, We Must Consider Some Issues. Why Do We Need Reservation? - Logical Reasoning


Read the following information and answer the question that follows.

Does our society need reservation in job? Before we defend reservation, we must consider some issues. Why do we need reservation? Obviously, reservation is required to lift the downtrodden and thereby achieve equality. How do you achieve this? Every individual, without exception, has a right to receive quality education. It is more so in the case of downtrodden people. Only a good-natured meritorious teacher can impart quality education. Suppose that a person who is neither good-natured nor meritorious becomes a teacher thanks to reservation system. Then generations of students suffer. Suppose that there is some merit in this argument.

Then which of the following aptly describes the fall-out of this argument?


  • Reservation is individual-centric, but not group-centric

  • Reservation, in at least one field, is self-defeating

  • The argument is biased

  • Education is not required to uplift the downtrodden



Reservation, in at least one field, is self-defeating


According to the passage if reservation holds true for those opting for the teaching profession then this may see the appointment of substandard teachers who have gained their qualifications not on the basis of merit but on the basis reservation. If such teachers fail to impart quantity education then every student including those benefiting from the reservation system will fail to derive the benefit of quality education. Therefore, at least in the field of ensuring quality teachers reservation will be self-defeating. 

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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