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Do you think we should help people in need? Why so? - English

Answer in Brief

The king helped the hermit in digging the beds. He even slept on the floor of the hut and lived like a simple man in the hermit’s hut. What lesson we learn from this?

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The king found the old hermit tired digging the beds so he offered his help to the man. He was accustomed of comfort and lavishness in his palace still at hermit’s home he slept on the floor. At our homes we get all the luxuries but if one day there comes a situation where we have to live without them we should be prepared for that. In life we might become very rich and affluent one day still we should be simple from heart and must not be ashamed of embracing it at any moment

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NCERT English - Honey Comb Class 7 Cbse
Chapter 1.1 Three Questions
Extra Questions | Q 17
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