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Do You Think the Title of this Story is Suitable for It? Can You Think of Any Other Title(S)? - English

Short Note

Do you think the title of this story is suitable for it? Can you think of any other title(s)?


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Yes, the title of the story is suitable for it. The spirit of Christmas is the theme that prevails throughout the story. It was on a Christmas day, in the middle of a raging war, that two warring troops made peace. The moment of peace that the soldiers shared with each other was the best Christmas present for them.

Again, it was on a Christmas day that the narrator went to see Mrs Macpherson. He went to return her husband’s letter to her. The letter was precious to her, but even more precious was her delusion that the narrator was her husband Jim, who she believed had returned as promised on a Christmas day. This was the best Christmas present in the world for her.

Concept: English Literature
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NCERT Class 8 English Honey Dew
Chapter 1.1 The Best Christmas Present in the World
Working with the Text | Q 7 | Page 16
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