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Do You Think that in the Last 50 Years, Employment Generated in the Country is Commensurate with the Growth of Gdp in India? How? - Economics

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Answer in Brief

Do you think that in the last 50 years, employment generated in the country is commensurate with the growth of GDP in India? How?

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Economic growth implies growth in the GDP, i.e. growth in the aggregate output produced during an accounting period within the domestic territory of an economy. The increased output level is achieved by generating more employment opportunities and through employing better technology. During the recent past, India has witnessed jobless economic growth that raised the aggregate output level without the proportionate rise in the employment opportunities and, consequently, unemployment continued to exist. The reason is that the rise in GDP is caused by employing modern and improved technology that substituted labour for machines. This failed to generate new employment opportunities in the industrial and the tertiary sectors. Thus, the industrial and the tertiary sectors failed to absorb the excess labour from the agricultural sector. As a result, disguised unemployment in the agricultural sector continued along with low levels of productivity and massive poverty. In addition to this, MNCs that played an important role in India’s economic growth provided employment only to the educated and specialised workforce. These MNCs aimed at achieving higher output levels by employing better technology rather than generating greater employment opportunities. Thus, employment generated in the country does not commensurate with the growth of GDP in India.

Concept: Government and Employment Generation
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NCERT Economics - Indian Economic Development Class 12
Chapter 7 Employment: Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues
Exercise | Q 17 | Page 136
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