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Do You Think Dahl is Being Extreme When He Recommends that Television Sets Should Be Tossed-out of Our Homes? is There a Balance Which Could Be Struck Between Watching Television and Reading Books? - English 2 (Literature in English)

Answer in Brief

Do you think Dahl is being extreme when he recommends that television sets should be tossed-out of our homes? Is there a balance which could be struck between watching television and reading books? What would that balance be?

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Roald Dahl in this poem describes the way an adult can initiate the reading habit in children by throwing the television away! I would not go to that extreme but, I would certainly delimit television watching among children. According to Roald Dahl, by the installation of a book shelf with a lot of books, children in a few days time would definitely take the hint and start to read. I use the same method of suggestion by setting up a lot of books in the house which indirectly will influence their minds. Television has its uses. We can see the cultures and traditions of far away countries without visiting them. We learn about their habits, climate, traditions etc. But like all things watching television should be within limits. Other forms of entertainment like reading should also be encouraged. Reading helps to sharpen our sensibilities and improve our language skills and vocabulary. It enhances our creativity. So there should be a balance between watching television and reading.

Concept: Writing
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