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Do as Directed : Master: “Well Shailesh, I Hear You Are Taking Part in the Speaking Competition.” Pupil: “Yes; and I Came to Ask You to Give Me Some Hints on the Art of Public Speaking.” [Change into Indirect Speech] - English

(1) Do as directed :
Master: “Well Shailesh, I hear you are taking part in the speaking competition.”
Pupil: “Yes; and I came to ask you to give me some hints on the art of public speaking.” [Change into indirect speech]
(2) The people regarded him ………….. imposter and called him …………. Villain[Insert correct articles]
(3) go then said the ant and dance winter away [Punctuat]

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(1) The master said to his pupil Shailesh that he heard he was taking part in the speaking competition. The pupil confirmed that he was and that he had come to ask him to for some hints on the art of public speaking.
(2) The people regarded him an imposter and called him a villain.
(3) “Go then”, said the ant, “and dance the winter away.”

Concept: Grammar
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