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Divide Yourselves into Groups of Four Or Five and Brainstorm on Any One of the Given Situations in Order to Create an Imaginary Dialogue Or a Comic Strip. Keep in Mind the Characters and Situations - English Core

Answer in Brief

Divide yourselves into groups of four or five and brainstorm on any one of the given situations in order to create an imaginary dialogue or a comic strip. Keep in mind the characters and situations while doing so. Representatives from each group could then present the dialogues / read them to the class.

a. The efforts made by the other creatures of the bog to still the frog's determination 'to display his heart's elation'.
b. The first time the Nightingale sings.
c. The nightingale is awestruck when the frog introduces himself.
d. The practice session when it is raining.
e. The nightingale is reprimanded by the frog when the box office crashes.
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(a) The frog is croaking loudly
 Oh! what a cacophony! can’t he be quiet?
Loon: (Pleading before frog) for God’s sake, please have mercy on us. Stop singing. (A teal threw a stone at the frog but it did not affect him)
Heron: (shouting at frog) You loathful fellow! Don’t torture us with your crass behaviour.
Toad: …………….

(b) The first time that the nightingale sings, the creatures in the bog listening to her with interest remark:
Nightingale: Oh! what a beautiful evening let me rest here for sometime and sing a song.
Frog: Eh! who is this singing here in my territory?
Nightingale: Umph! It’s me, the nightingale.
Duck: lovely song! you are welcome here in the bog.
Heron: Oooh! we’ve never heard such an enthralling voice before,.
loon: (shedding tears of joy) “unbelievable”.
Toads: Hush! sush! let’s listen to her. She sings so sweetly.
Frog: Croak-Croak- Don’t you know that I am the owner of this bog and only I have the right to sing here, humph!
Nightingale: Oops, I didn’t know that! Did you like my song. (Responses may vary)

(c) Nightingale was ready to sing when she heard a croak.
Nightingale : (timidly) : Is that you who is croaking? Who are you?
Frog:  (vainly) Croak! Croak! Don’t you know, I am the unrivalled king of this bog?
Nightingale: Oh! It’s my pleasure to meet you. Do you like my song?
Frog: Hmm! It’s O.K. but you lack technique. I am famous for my baritone.
Nightingale: ………………………………………….

(d) One morning it was raining and as usual, frog started training the nightingale.
Nightingale: Boom! I can’t sing in this chilly weather.
Frog: Be brave! You silly bird. Just put on your scarf and start singing.
Nightingale: I’ll try-koo-Oh-ah! Ko-ash! Ko-ash!” Oh! I’m feeling totally drained out.
Frog: ……………….

(e) The strenuous and gruelling schedule of singing had its effect on the nightingale and her song lost its charm.
Frog: Oh! people are no longer interested in coming to listen to the song. It’s a great loss to me.
Nightingale: Aha! you selfish frog. Can’t you see my woeful countenance? I can’t sing any more.
Frog: What! Croak! Croak! How can you say that? Sing with energy and passion.
Nightingale: ……………………………………

Students are free to complete the conversation on their own by using these hints.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 7 The Frog and The Nightingale
Q 7 | Page 93
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