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CBSE Class 10 - Social Science: Minerals and Energy Resources - Distribution and Utilization and Conservation of Power Resources

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How is the mining activity injurious to the health of the miners and environment? Explain


The mining activity is gravely injurious to the health of miners who work in very unsafe conditions in underground mines. Frequent accidents occur in mines due to either the collapse of roofs or water flooding. These accidents causes several casualties. The air the miners breathe is fowl and toxic, which causes several respiratory problems in them. Miners are exposed to toxic materials causing lung diseases (e.g. black lung caused by inhaling coal dust.), resulting in reduced life expectancy.

Mining also has a negative effect on the environment as tonnes of hazardous garbage is produced during extraction of minerals from mines causing environmental degradation and water pollution. These activities are a major cause of deforestation. During mining, a huge volume of earth is also excavated and displaced, which causes silting.

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Solution Concept: Distribution and Utilization and Conservation of Power Resources.
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