Geography: Associated mountains - Concept of Associated Mountains

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Give a brief description of distribution in the Lower Ganga Plain.

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Distribution of industries in the Lower Ganga Plains:
a. The Lower Ganga Plains is rich in minerals, coal, water resources and cheap and abundant labour. These have helped in the development of industries. 

b. Most of the industries are located in the Hooghly Valley and Asansol Durgapur region. 

c. Iron and steel industries are located at Kulti, Burhanpur, Asansol and Durgapur. 

d. Jute and cotton textile industries are also located in the Hooghly region.

e. Chemical industries are concentrated in Kolkata and Howrah. The paper industry is present in Kolkata, Titagadh, Naihat and Triveni. Chittaranjan is the centre which manufactures railway locomotives. 

f. Haldia is famous for the petrochemical industry, an oil refinery and a fertiliser plant.

g. The Kolkata–Hooghly Industrial Belt is the main industrial region in Northern India.

Concept: Concept of Associated Mountains
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