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Distinguish Between X and Y Chromosomes - Biology

Distinguish between X andY chromosomes. (Mention any 'two' points.) 

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No X Chromosome Y chromosome
1 These chromosomes are metacentric, hence appear X shaped. These chromosomes are acrocentric,
hence appear Y shaped
2 They are longer than ‘Y’ chromosomes They are shorter than ‘X’ chromosomes
3 It contains large amount of euchromatin and small amount of heterochromatin. It contains large amount of
heterochromatin and small amount of
4 Found in both male and females. Found only in males.
5 Non-homologous part shows more genes
than Y chromosome.
Non-homologous part contains few
genes as compared to X chromosome.
6 X - linked genes are present on X chromosome. Y- linked genes (Holandric genes) are
present on Y chromosome.
7 Genes present on X chromosome show
criss-cross inheritance.
Genes present on Y chromosome show
straight inheritance
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