Distinguish Between Transportation in India and Brazil - Geography

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Distinguish Between

Distinguish Between

Transportation in India and Brazil

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  Transportation in India Transportation in Brazil
1. Dense network of railways and roadways is found in India. Out of all transportation routes, roadways are the maximum in Brazil. Roads are most dense in the eastern part.
2. Railways have contributed significantly in the growth of Indian economy. Railway network is relatively less dense in the hill states, north eastern states, central parts of India, and Rajasthan while it is dense in the North Indian Plains. Railways are less developed.
3. Waterways (which comprise of rivers, canals, backwaters, creeks, etc.) contribute to about 1% of the country’s transportation. Navigation on the Amazon river is mainly for commercial purposes. The longest waterways in the world, from the mouth of the Amazon to Equitos in Peru (approximately 3700 km.) passes through Brazil. Parana River in the south is an important river which is used for water transport.
4. Approximately 95% of India’s foreign trade is conducted through waterways. Coastal shipping is carried out in the coastal areas.
5. As compared to Brazil, airways are more developed in India. Also, the use of internal airways has increased. In Brazil, there is a limited contribution of airways.
Concept: Brazil Transport
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SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC Social Science Geography Maharashtra State Board 2021
Chapter 9 Tourism, Transport and Communication
Distinguish between | Q 4

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