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Distinguish Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Polymer. - Applied Chemistry 1

Short Note

Distinguish between thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer.

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1. These are formed by addition polymerisation . These are formed by condensation polymerisation .
2. They have low molecular weight . They have high molecular weight. 
3.They are usually soft ,weak and less brittle . hey are usually hard ,strong and more brittle
4. They are long chain linear polymer with negligible cross links They have three-dimensional network structure with number of crosslinks .
5.  They are usually soluble in some organic solvents . Due to strong bonds and crosslinks ,they are insoluble in almost all organic solvents .
6. They get softened on reheating readily because secondary forces between the individual chain can break easily by heat or pressure . They donot soften on reheating because the crosslinks and bonds retain their strength on heating .
7.Example : Polyethylene ,Polystyrene ,PVC ,PVA . Example : Phenolformaldehyde,ureaformaldehyde , Nylon 6,6 .
Concept: Thermosetting plastic
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