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Distinguish between. Road Transport and Rail Transport - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Distinguish Between

Distinguish between.

Road Transport and Rail Transport

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Road Transport

Rail Transport

1. Speed:
Road transport has limited speed due to bad road conditions, accidents, etc.

It has considerable speed since it runs on tracks which rarely gets disturbed

2. Carrying capacity:
It has limited carrying capacity

It has a huge carrying capacity

3. Cost:
It requires limited capital investment in terms of construction of roads, vehicles, and maintenance.

The cost of construction of trains, railway tracks is high. Also, the maintenance of trains, tracks, and stations is high.

4. Distance:
Recommended for a short distance.

Recommended for both short and long-distance.

5. Charges:
Transport charges are not fixed due to high due to increased fuel prices

Transport charges are relatively low and are fixed according to the distance.

6. Door to door service:
It provides door to door services.

It does not provide door to door services

7. Means of Transport:
It uses animals, animal carts, motor-cycles, three, and four wheelers.

It uses passenger trains and goods trains.

8. Suitability:
It is suitable for transporting goods in relatively smaller quantities for a short distance.

It is suitable for transporting heavy goods in large quantities over long distances.

9. Safety:
It provides limited safety to goods from the sun, rain, wind, etc.

Goods are kept in locked wagons which provide protection against sun, wind, rain, etc.

10. Accidents:
Chances of accidents are more due to poor road conditions and negligent drivers

Chances of accidents are less because of one-way track and good signal system.

11. Ownership:
Ownership is in the hands of private parties as well as the government.

Ownership is in the hands of the Government.

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