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Distinguish Between

Distinguish Between.

Organizing and staffing



Points Organizing Staffing
1. Meaning Organizing is the process of defining and grouping the activities of the enterprise and establishing the authority relationships among them. The staffing function pertains to the recruitment, selection, development, training, and compensation of subordinate managers.
2. Objective To identify and bring together all the required resources. To appoint the right type of people in the right positions and at the right time.
3. Area of function It includes the identification and grouping of activities, assigning the work, and establishing the authority relationship. It includes recruitment, selection, training, development, and compensation of human resources.
4. Factors Internal and external factors are considered in the arrangement of resources. Staffing is mostly concerned with internal factors.
5. Order It is based on planning. It follows the organizing function.
6. Resources All available resources i.e. men, money, material, machine, and method are arranged in a systematic manner. It is the process relating to the organization of human resources.
7. Nature It takes place till the time all the resources are collected and arranged. It is a continuous process as it deals with employees i.e. human resources.
8. Level of Management Top and middle level management are related to organizing the required resources. Middle level management is related to recruitment, training, and selection Top level is concerned with promotion and compensation.
Concept: Functions of Management - Staffing
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