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Distinguish Between the Followingrond Transport and Water Transport. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Distinguish between the following

Rond transport and Water transport.


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Rond transport and Water transport.

Basis of Difference

Road Transport

Water Transport

  Speed Road transport has limited speed due to bad road conditions, accidents, etc.

It is slowest mode of transport.

carrying capacity

It has limited carrying capacity.

It has a very huge carrying capacity.

Cost of construction and maintenance

It requires limited capital investment in terms of construction of road, vehicles and their maintenance.

It uses waterways which are natural high-ways and hence there is no cost involved. However, there is high cost involved for construction of ships and ports.


Recommended for short distance.

Suitable for long distances especially across countries and continents.

Transport charges

Transport charges are not fixed but are high due to increased fuel prices.

Transport charges are lowest.

Door to door service

It provides door to door service.

It is suitable for transporting very heavy goods, machineries in large quantities to any part of the world.

Means of transport

It uses animal’s carts, motor-cycles three and four wheelers.

It uses boats, big ships, liners, tankers. Etc.


Ownership is in the hands of private parties.

It is owned by both private sector as well as public sector.


It provides limited safety to goods from sun, rain, wind, etc.

Goods are safe as they are specially packed.

Concept: Role of Transport
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