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Distinguish between. E-business and E-commerce - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Distinguish Between

Distinguish between.

E-business and E-commerce

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1. Meaning:
E-business is the conduct of business processes on the internet

'E-commerce involves commercial transactions done over the internet

2. What is it?
E-business is a superset of E-commerce

E-commerce is a subset of E-business

3. Features:
E-business includes all kinds of resale and post-sale efforts.

E-commerce just involves buying and selling of products and services

4. Concept:
It is a broader concept that involves market surveying, supply chain, and logistic management and using data mining

E-commerce is a narrower concept and restricted to buying and selling

5. Transaction:
It is used in the context of B2B transactions

It is more appropriate in the B2C context

6. Which network is using:
E-business can involve the use of internet intranet or extranet

E-commerce involves the mandatory use of internet

Concept: Concept of E-business
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