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Distinguish Between the Cabinet and Council of Ministers. - History and Civics

Distinguish between the Cabinet and Council of Ministers.

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Difference between the Cabinet and the Council of Ministers

Cabinet Council of Minister
It is a small group consisting of senior members which hold important portfolios. It consists of all categories of ministers – Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy
They are the most trusted and consulted colleagues of the Prime Minister. He asks their advice on important matters. The decisions of
the Cabinet are binding on all the ministers.
He may or may not consult these ministers for making important decisions.
They are a small organised group of senior ministers who meet as frequently as possible to shape national policies and transact
government business.
They meet rarely as a whole in the day-to-day working of the government.
They advise the President through the Prime Minister, in the day-to-day governance of the country. Though the Council of Ministers advise the President, in reality, it is the Cabinet which advises the President and the latter acts on
their advice.
Concept: Council of Ministers and the Cabinet
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