Distinguish Between ‘Analog’ and ‘Digital’ Forms of Communication. - Physics

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Distinguish between ‘Analog’ and ‘Digital’ forms of communication.

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Analog form of communication Digital form of communication
It makes use of analog signals whose
amplitude varies continuously with time.
It makes use of digital signals whose
amplitude is of two levels, either low or high.
The retrieved message in analog communication is not an exact copy of the original message. This is because the message suffers distortions over the medium and during its detection process and is distorted.

The retrieved message in digital communication is always the exact copy of the original message and is practically free of distortion.


It can broadcast only limited number
of channels simultaneously.
It can broadcast tremendously large
number of channels simultaneously.
Concept: Elements of a Communication System
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2014-2015 (March) Panchkula Set 3

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