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Distinguish Between Advertising and Personal Selling. - Business Studies

Distinguish Between

Distinguish between advertising and personal selling.

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Advertising is an impersonal, paid form of communication used by the marketers for the promotion of goods and services. On the other hand, personal selling involves direct communication of the seller with the potential customers. That is, it involves direct face to face communication of the sellers with the customers for the purpose of sale of the product. The following points highlight the difference between advertising and personal selling.

Basis of Difference


Personal Selling

1. Personal v/s Impersonal

It is an impersonal form of communication where the seller communicates with customers through various medium such as television, newspapers, etc.

It is a personal form of communication where the seller directly interacts with the potential customers.

2. Reach

Advertising has a broader reach as the advertisement reaches a large number people simultaneously.

It has a narrower reach as only a few people can be contacted directly.

3. Flexibility

It is inflexible as advertisements are standardised and cannot be adjusted as per the requirements of different customers.

It is flexible as the seller can adjust the message as per the requirements of different customers.

4. Target Group

It is more suitable where marketing is to be done to large number of consumers. For example, advertising is suitable if, marketing is to be done for ultimate customers.

It is more suitable when marketing is to be done for a few selected consumers. For example, if marketing is to be done for intermediaries and retailers, personal selling is more useful.

5. Cost Involved

As advertising reaches the masses simultaneously, the cost per person is low.

Personal selling is relatively costly.

6. Time Involved

Advertising reaches a large number of people simultaneously. Thus, it can cover the entire market in a short period of time.

As through personal selling only a few people can be contacted, it takes a lot of time and effort to cover the entire market.

7. Customer Feedback

Through advertising, feedbacks and reactions of the customers cannot be judged.

As the seller directly contacts the customers, he get feedback from the customers and judge their reactions

8. Medium of Communication

It involves communication through mass media such as television, newspapers, radio, etc.

It personal communication through sales persons.

9. Objective

The basic objective of advertising is to create interest of the customers towards the product.

The basic objective of personal selling is to create awareness about the product and induce decision making.

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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 2 - Business Finance and Marketing
Chapter 3 Marketing
Long Answer | Q 8 | Page 342
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