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If A(4, 3), B(-1, y) and C(3, 4) are the vertices of a right triangle ABC, right-angled at A, then find the value of y.


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Find the coordinates of the centre of the circle passing through the points (0, 0), (–2, 1) and (–3, 2). Also, find its radius.

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If the opposite vertices of a square are (1, – 1) and (3, 4), find the coordinates of the remaining angular points.

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In a classroom, 4 friends are seated at the points A, B, C and D as shown in the following figure. Champa and Chameli walk into the class and after observing for a few minutes Champa asks Chameli, “Don’t you think ABCD is a square?” Chameli disagrees.

Using distance formula, find which of them is correct.

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Prove that the points (–3, 0), (1, –3) and (4, 1) are the vertices of an isosceles right angled triangle. Find the area of this triangle

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Show that the points (a, a), (–a, –a) and (– √3 a, √3 a) are the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Also find its area.

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Solution for concept: Distance Formula. For the course 8th-10th CBSE