Solution - Dissolution of a Partnership Firm



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G and H were partners in a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 9: 7. On 1.4.2015 their firm was dissolved. After transferring assets (other than cash) and outsider's liabilities to realisation account you are given the following information :

(a) Mohan, a creditor of Rs 2,30,000 accepted debtors of Rs  2,00,000 at a discount of 10% and the balance was paid to him by cheque.

(b) Sohan, a second creditor for Rs 7,00,000 accepted land of the book value of Rs 10,00,000 at Rs 15,00,000 and paid the balance to the firm by cheque.

(c) Ram, a third creditor for Rs 80,000 took over stock of book value of Rs 40,000 at Rs 30,000 and investments of Rs 48,000 in full settlement of his claim.

(d) Loss on dissolution was Rs 48,000.

Pass necessary journal entries for the above transactions in the books of G and H.


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Solution for concept: Dissolution of a Partnership Firm. For the courses CBSE (Arts), CBSE (Commerce), CBSE (Science)