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Discuss with your grandpa, grandma, neighbours and teachers and collect information about your street, village, town or school. - Social Science

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Discuss with your grandpa, grandma, neighbours, and teachers and collect information about your street, village, town, or school. With that collected data, try to write its history titling your writing as “I am a Historian”.



Am I am living in Mylapore. I have collected information about it from my grandparents, neighbours and teacher and the internet. It is given below:
I am a Historian.

  1. Mylapore is located a few kilometres to the south of the British-built Chennai city.
  2. It lies between Tiruvallikkeni and Teynampet in the west then across to the coast in the east.
  3. The word Mylapore is derived from Mayil Arparikum Our, which means “Land
  4. Historically, peacocks have been known to thrive in the area, which is evident from the several statues in the Kapaleeshwarar Temple towers and in the emblem of the San Thome Basilica.
  5. Thirugnanasambandar has also mentioned about mail (peacock) in his songs in Tevaram.
  6. Mylapore was historically known as Vedapuri.
  7. As the available historical and archaeological evidence show, it could well be the oldest part of Chennai, with written records of early settlements going back to the first century BC.
  8. It was known for its ancient port with a flourishing trade with the Roman Empire, receiving gold in exchange for its products like pepper and fine cloth.
  9. St. Thomas the Apostle allegedly died at Mylapore in 72 AD.
  10. Ptolemy had recorded in the 2nd century AD that the port of Mylapore was known to the Greeks and the Romans. The Saivite Saints of the 7th Century, Saint Sambandar and Saint Appar have sung about the Shrine in their hymns.
  11. Mention has been made of the early settlement of Santhome (currently known), by Arab travelers and merchants of the 9th and 10th centuries AD.
  12. Marco Polo visited the place in the late 13th century and left a detailed description of the land, the people along with their customs and religion.
  13. It was considerable maritime time and the ancient German and Greek maps refer to the town as ‘Maliarpha’.
  14. Mylapore was occupied by the Portuguese in 1523. Their rule lasted until 1749, except for a brief interregnum between 1662 and 1687 when the town was occupied by the Dutch.
  15. After 1749, the British East India Company took possession of the settlement in. the name of Muhammad Ali Khan Wallaj ah, the Nawab of Arcot. In that same year, Mylapore was incorporated into the administration of the Presidency of Madras.
  16. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the town became the commercial and intellectual hub of Madras city and home to British-educated lawyers and statesmen.
Concept: History : a Science that Tells Us About Events in the Past
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