Discuss Why Wearing More Layers of Clothing During Winters Keeps Us Warmer than Wearing Just One Thick Piece of Clothing. - Science


Discuss why wearing more layers of clothing during winters keeps us warmer than wearing just one thick piece of clothing.


Solution 1

During winters, we prefer wearing more layers of clothing than just one thick piece of clothing because air gets trapped in between the various clothing layers. Being a poor conductor of heat, air prevents heat loss from our body. Hence, layers of clothing keep us warmer than a single layer

Solution 2

More layers of clothing keep us warm in winters as they have a lot of space between them. This space gets filled up with air. Air is a bad conductor, it does not allow the body heat to escape out.

Concept: Kinds of Clothes Wear in Summer and Winter
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Chapter 4: Heat - Exercises [Page 46]


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Chapter 4 Heat
Exercises | Q 5 | Page 46

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