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Discuss three important functions of the Executive.



The executive function of the Indian government with the President as the head along with the Prime Minister and his council of ministers comprises determining the policy and carrying out the execution, maintaining order, promoting economic and social welfare and directing the foreign policy.

The general supervision and management of the State lie within the area of expertise of the Executive. The President can exercise these powers on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers. The main function of the Executive is the enforcement of law and maintenance of law and order. It is the duty of the Executive to bring violators of the law of the land to justice.

All the actions that the executive arm of the government takes, is in the name of the President. As the President is the ‘head’ of the nation, all the council of ministers are his subordinates and have to take his say in the matter. The Executive has the power to appoint and dismiss high officials and dignitaries. All primary appointments are undertaken by the Chief Executive, i.e. the President of India. He/She appoints the Chief Justice of India among other Supreme Court and High Court Judges. Along with those, the President also appoints the Advocate General of India, Ambassadors, Governors of State, etc.

The Executive powers of the government also include taking care of the relations that the nation develops with foreign powers. The Executive is responsible for the decision to sign treaties with nations. The parliament has the power of making decisions regarding treaties with other nations. The Executive appoints the ambassadors representing India in other countries. With the provisions of the Constitution and the International Law, the Executive negotiates the treaties with other countries.

Concept: Functions of Executive
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