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Discuss the Significant Difference Between the Himalayan and the Peninsular Rivers. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Discuss the significant difference between the Himalayan and the Peninsular rivers.

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Apart from their difference of origin, the Himalayan and the Peninsular rivers are different from each other in many ways. However, the significant difference between them is that while the Himalayan rivers are perennial rivers, the Peninsular rivers are seasonal. The Himalayan rivers have water throughout the year. They receive water from rain as well as from melted snow from the lofty mountains. On the other hand, the flow of Peninsular rivers is dependent upon rainfall. During the dry season, even the large rivers have reduced flow of water in their channels.

Concept: The Peninsular Rivers
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NCERT Class 9 Social Science Geography Contemporary India 1
Chapter 3 Drainage
Exercise | Q 4 | Page 24
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