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Discuss the Psychological Impact of Television Viewing on Human Behaviour. How Can Its Adverse Consequences Be Reduced? Explain. - Psychology

Answer in Brief

Discuss the psychological impact of television viewing on human behaviour. How can its adverse consequences be reduced? Explain.

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Television is one of the useful products of technological progress. It has both positive and negative effects. It has effects on cognitive processes and social behaviour.

1. T.V. provides large amount of information in an attractive form and in visual mode, for which it became a powerful medium of instructions.

2. Excellent programmes emphasise positive interpersonal attitudes and provide useful factual information, teaching children how to design and construct certain objects.

3. T.V. watching may have an adverse effect on children’s ability to concentrate on one target. Their creativity and ability to understand each other through social interaction is also significantly impaired.

4. Reduction in habit of reading and writing skills and also their outdoor activities such as playing is also reduced.

5. Watching violence on T.V. has been linked to greater aggressiveness in the viewers. As children are not mature enough to think of consequences, they simply imitate.

  • Some studies pointed out that merely watching violence on the television does not make children more aggressive. Other factors need to be present.
  • Other research findings show that watching violence may actually reduce the natural aggressive tendency of the viewers: what is ‘bottled up’ gets an outlet, thus cleans the system. This process is called catharsis.

6. Due to T.V. watching, consumerist attitude has developed. Numerous products are advertised and it is very natural for the viewer to get carried away.

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NCERT Class 12 Psychology Textbook
Chapter 8 Psychology and Life
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 175
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