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Discuss in Pairs Or Small Groups. Every Famous Person Has a Right to His Or Her Privacy Interviewers Sometimes Embarrass Celebrities with Very Personal Questions. - English Core

Short Note

Discuss in pairs or small groups. 

Every famous person has a right to his or her privacy Interviewers sometimes embarrass  celebrities with very personal questions.

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Interviewers want to present exculsive and intimate details about the famous person they are  interviewing. Some interviewrs focus on the public life and achievements of the individual only. They try to be objective in their approach as well as assesment. However, there are others who want to make their interviews more spicy and usually cross the thin limit of privacy of the individual. In their zeal to present good copy they embrass the famous person with the personal questions. Sometimes  impact of such questions on famous person reveals his/her aversion as well as irritation at the silliness of the person. If they shout. they are accused of being rude and proud and if they keep mum thy are labelled as arrogant. In my opinion privacy of an individual must be respected. 

Concept: Writing Skill
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NCERT Textbook for Class 12 English Flamingo
Talking about the Text | Q 3 | Page 74
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