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Discuss the Micro-controllers in 8051 family. - Computer Science 2

Discuss the Micro-controllers in 8051 family.

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8051 is a second generation microcontroller.

(1) 8048, 8049, 8050
(a) Intel’s first microcontroller was 8048. The 8048, 8049 and 8050 all have indentical architectures with the exception of memory size.
(b) In each case, the memory doubles. 8048 supports 1K byte of internal memory. 8049 supports 2k bytes of internal memory and 8050 supports 4K bytes of internal memory. 
(c) 8048 has 64 bytes internal RAM, including 32 bytes of register/memory location. The 8049 and 8050 have a total of 128 and 256 bytes of RAM respectively.
(d) The microcontrollers are low cost products and hence are very popular.

(2) 8052
(a) 8052 is a simple expansion of 8051
(b) 8052 has 8K bytes of onboard ROM and 256 bytes of onboard RAM.
(c) 8052 allows programmers to write larger programs and that can use more data.

(d) The cost of 8052 is more than that of 8051.
(e) The 8052 also has one extra 16-bit counter-time. This counter-time gives more

(3) 8031 and 8032
(a) The alternative versions of 8051 and 8052 are 8031 and 8032.
(b) These devices do not have any on board ROM. It may use external ROM for program memory.
(c) These are excellent devices for prototyping and low-volume products 

(4)8052 AH-BASIC
(a) Another form of 8052 is 8052 AH-BASIC. This special 8052 has BASIC programming language in ROM.
(b) Using BASIC instructions, a programmer can write instructions for this 8052 rather than assembly language.

Concept: Introduction to Microcontroller
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