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Discuss the Main Purpose of Vulcanisation of Rubber. - Chemistry

Discuss the main purpose of vulcanisation of rubber.

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Solution 1

Natural rubber though useful has some problems associated with its use. These limitations are discussed below:

1. Natural rubber is quite soft and sticky at room temperature. At elevated temperatures (> 335 K), it becomes even softer. At low temperatures (< 283 K), it becomes brittle. Thus, to maintain its elasticity, natural rubber is generally used in the temperature range of 283 K-335 K.

2. It has the capacity to absorb large amounts of water.

3. It has low tensile strength and low resistance to abrasion.

4. It is soluble in non-polar solvents.

5. It is easily attacked by oxidizing agents.

Vulcanization of natural rubber is done to improve upon all these properties. In this process, a mixture of raw rubber with sulphur and appropriate additive is heated at a temperature range between 373 K and 415 K.

Solution 2

Natural rubber has the following disadvantages:

(a) It is soft and sticky and becomes even more so at high temperatures and brittle at low temperatures. Therefore, rubber is generally used in a narrow temperature range (283-335 K) where its elasticity is maintained.

(b)It has large water absorption capacity, has low tensile strength and low resistance to abrasion.

(c)It is not resistant to the action of organic solvents.

(d)It is easily attacked by oxygen and other oxidising agents. .

To improve all these properties, natural rubber is vulcanised by heating it with about 5% sulphur at 373-415 K. The vulcanized rubber thus obtained has excellent elasticity over a larger range of temperature, has low water absorption tendency and is resistant to the action of organic solvents and oxidising agents.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 15 Polymers
Q 15 | Page 437
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