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Discuss in pairs or in small groups Living abroad is challenging in many ways. - English Elective - NCERT

Answer in Brief

Discuss in pairs or in small groups

Living abroad is challenging in many ways.

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Few of the various things which need to be taken into consideration when one shift to abroad to settle are:

  • Identity crisis is one of the various very important concerns because of which shifting abroad becomes very difficult. One is always treated as a second-hand citizen. People of that particular nation, may it be France, England or Australia would never accept Asian people residing there. The feeling of diaspora and multiculturalism exists throughout even if one attains the citizenship abroad and settles there forever.

  • Violence on many levels could harm an individual on a physical as well as psychological level. The recent case of Indian students being bullied, beaten up, and even killed in Australia could be taken into consideration while talking about violence. The difference in ethnicity strikes people of other nations a lot. There are very few nations who are as hospitable as India who believe in the concept of accepting guests as Gods just like the Sanskrit sloka which says: Athithi Devo Bhava.”

  • Stability in life is struck a huge blow. People live on very uncertain grounds. Issues such as recession could hit the economy anytime. An alternative to income is usually neither found nor provided to such people who immigrate from other nations.

  • The difference in climate, cuisine, and standard of living holds prior importance too. People usually face a financial crunch because of the huge gap between the money they earn and the type of life they want to live. Education, health, etc are also very expensive which might make people feel unsuitable and, thus, unwelcome in a country.

  • The law and order system differs from one nation to another. It is very difficult to cope up with the changes so soon. Thus, even when someone gets caught up with some issues, people find it hard to find a solution.

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NCERT Class 11 English (Elective Course) - Woven Words
Chapter 1.6 The Third and Final Continent
Talking about the text | Q 1 | Page 84
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