Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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Discuss in groups the need for human values. - English

Answer in Brief

Discuss in groups the need for human values.

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Vijay Values are beliefs that have an essential worth in their use to an individual. Values introduce a vital characteristic of self-concept and serve as a guiding ethic for a person.
Shrikes Human values are essential in today’s society and mostly in the business world. Human values are the features that guide people to take into account the human component when one interrelates with other human beings. They have many optimistic charms that create bonds of humanity between people and thus have value for all human beings.
Chandan Rightly said! Human values are strong positive feelings for the human spirit of the other. These human values have the effect of closeness, consoling, comforting, and obtaining peacefulness. Human values are the basis for any practical life within society.
Anil Yes, I agree, they build space for an initiative that leads to peace. To be precise, human values are common and shared by all human beings. irrespective of their religion, nationality, culture, financial status, and family background.
Concept: Prose (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 4.1 The Attic
Warm up | Q 3 | Page 93
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