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Discuss, How International Events Became the Major Factor in the Growth of the Assertive Natinalism. - History and Civics

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Discuss, how international events became the major factor in the growth of the assertive natinalism.

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 The Indian assertive nationalists were greatly inspired when they learnt few facts of history where small and apparently weaker countries had defeated mighty nations. Two such examples were, when Ethiopians defeated the Italians in 1896. It is hard to believe that a strong country is defeated at the hands of small country. Russia, a great European country was defeated by Japan, a small Asian country. These events generated a new spirit of self-confidence among the Indians. The Marathi weekly, ‘Kesari’ which was edited by Tilak, published a commentary on 6th December, 1904. It said, The Russian-Japanese war had given a rude shock to the belief that people of Asia had hardly any sentiment of nationality. The people now realized that India could get rid of the British rule just as easily as the Japanese had defeated the Russians, if they united like a perfect nation. Let us drive the British into the sea and take our place side by side, with the great powers of the world.

Concept: Objectives and Methods of Struggle of the Early Nationalists
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 10 Rise of Assertive Nationalism
Long Questions | Q 2
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