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Discuss the Functioning of Air Scrubber. - Geography

Short Note

Discuss the functioning of air scrubber.

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The air scrubbers are the anti pollution devices which are visible as metal pipes which are used to trap the particles from the emissions of gaseous waste. The scrubbers prevent these pollutants from entering into the atmosphere. In the air scrubber the pollutants are removed from the gas emissions by spraying the scrubber liquid directly into the emissions. The dirty particles are surrounded by the scrubbers liquid which are then carried with the gas emissions into the cylinder. As the gas is cycled upwards through the cylinder the liquid covered particles drop from the gas in the contaminated liquid reservoir

Concept: Impact of Waste Accumulation - Pollution
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 12 Waste Generation and Management
Long Questions | Q 9
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