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Discuss the Following Question in Detail and Write the Answer in Your Notebook : 'Were These People Pulling His Leg? - English Core

Answer in Brief

Discuss the following question in detail and write the answer in your notebook :

'Were these people pulling his leg? Was the whole thing a gigantic hoax? A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make a laughing stock out of him. How could anyone be so cruel?' Why does Patol Babu have these thoughts?

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Naresh Dutt asked Sosanko to give Patol Babu his dialogues. Sosanko turned to Patol Babu and said, “Come along ‘grandpa.” He told Jyoti to give him his dialogues. Jyoti produced a red dot pen and Sosanko scribbled something on it and handed it to Patol Babu. Patol Babu saw that a single word had been scrolled on it – ‘Oh! Patol Babu felt a sudden throbbing in his head. He felt very strange,’ he had expected some longer dialogues. Sigh came out of the depths of his heart. Just one word — No, not even a word, a sound — ‘Oh! He felt stifling.’ Sosanko said, ‘What’s the matter grandpa?’ You don’t seem to be pleased, several questions were arising in Patol Babu’s mind. Were these people pulling his leg? Was the whole thing a gigantic hoax? Why did they want to drag this simple man into the middle and make a laughing stock of him. How could these people be so cruel? Patol Babu could hardly speak. He slowly said, Just ‘Oh. Is that all I have to say? I find it rather strange.’ Sosanko raised his eyebrows and said, “You think that nothing, at least you are getting a speaking part in a Baren Mullick film, do you realise what that means? You are the luckiest of the actors.”

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film Star
Q 4.2 | Page 67
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