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Discuss the Following in Groups of Four. Each Group Can Deal with One Topic. Present the Views of Your Group to the Whole Class. the Story is Both Entertaining and Philosophical. - English Core

Short Note

Discuss the following in groups of four. Each group can deal with one topic. Present the views of your group to the whole class.

The story is both entertaining and philosophical.

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The story is told in the form of a fairy tale with a happy ending. The narrative is interesting with many surprises and attention-grabbing dialogues. The twists and the unexpected reactions of the characters often astonish the reader making the story entertaining.

However, the author has carefully managed to weave philosophical elements into the storyline. The rattrap peddler’s comparison of the whole world with a giant rattrap makes this an interesting commentary on how such people end up getting trapped in the giant chasm. The story also makes an observation on the inherent goodness of people. It also showcases how goodness and kindness shown by some people can change others’ perspective.

Concept: Writing Skill
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NCERT Textbook for Class 12 English Flamingo
Chapter 4.1 THE RATTRAP
Talking about the text | Q 4 | Page 43
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