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Discuss the Factors that Led to the Formation of Nam. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

Discuss the factors that led to the formation of NAM.

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(i) Global tension caused by the cold war: Most of the newly independent countries of Asia and Africa realised that the division of the world into two power blocs was not in their larger interest and this might endanger world peace. These nations felt that by distancing themselves from the power blocs they would put off the danger of another world war.
(ii) Struggle against imperialism and new-colonialism: The newly independent nations had become free after long and bitter struggles. They wanted to enjoy their newly acquired freedom and the power that had come with it.
(iii) Right of independent judgement: These nations were able to keep their own identity
by not aligning with the power blocs. They wanted to solve their problems themselves without any outside interference.
(iv) Use of moderation in relation to all big powers: They wanted to promote goodwill and co-operation among the nations of Asia and Africa and to explore and advance their mutual interest by establishing friendly relations with all the nations.
(v) Restructuring the international economic order: Most of these nations were economically backward. Since they needed both capital and technical sources to boost their economic development, they considered it worth while to get both the things from whoever they could, without any strings attached.
(vi) Formation of a collective force: They realised that they had great moral force and with their collective reason they could maintain or promote world peace.

Concept: Architects of NAM
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 24 Non-Aligned Movement
Long Questions | Q 1
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