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Discuss in Details Any Three Factors Affecting Acoustics of a Hall with Their Remedies. - Applied Physics 1

Answer in Brief

Discuss in details any three factors affecting acoustics of a hall with their

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(1) Defect-Echo
Echo is a sound wave reflected from a parallel hard smooth surface. Excessive echo affects the acoustics of the hall.
Design : A splayed {fan shaped) floor plan and the covering of interior surfaces with suitable absorbent material minimize the defect and distribute the sound energy uniformly throughout the hall.

(2) Defect-Echelon Effect
Successive echo of a sound from a set of regularly spaced parallel and smooth surfaces cause Echelon effect which makes the original sound unintelligible.
Design : The steps inside the hall should be covered with absorber like carpets.

{3) Defects : Reverberation

The persistence of sound in a room due to multiple reflection from the walls,thefloor and the ceiling for some time,is called reverberation.
Design :Though excessive reverberation distorts the original sound a small amount of reverberation is desirable in a concert hall since it improves the quality of music. The reverberation is optimized by placing and fixing sound absorbing material in the hall. This way the reverberation time is controlled to a desired value.

Concept: Acoustic Design of a hall
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