Discuss the Case Study of Cloudburst and Landslide at Kedarnath. - Environmental Studies

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Discuss the case study of cloudburst and landslide at kedarnath.

Write a case study on Cloudburst and Landslides at kedarnath in june 2013.



  • The early monsoons have brought misery in the life of the people in Uttrakhand, especially in The districts of Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri and Tehri. The State of Uttarakhand has been severely affected by floods and landslides following the torrential rainfall in the region since Friday, 14 June 2013. Incidents of Cloudbursts and landslides across the state have led to the current death toll being raised more than 1000 in the region. Increasing levels of water in two main rivers of the State, namely Alakhnanda and Bhagirathi, have also resulted in the collapse of
    bridges, and damaging and washing away of property which has not been estimated yet.
  • More incidents of cloud burst are reported in the districts of Pauri Garhwal on June 24. According to initial information received from our sources, some 30 shops, 40 to 50 livestock and, 10 houses have been lost in Paittani village of Pauri District. Rescue operations by Army personnel continue with at least 4000 people still stranded.

The problems:

  • There was a huge reservoir situated above the land area of the Kedarnath temple which was burst on 17th, June releasing huge volume of water. There was also cloudburst in the same area. Both together caused huge flow of water and release of silt, which filled the temple and complex of Kedernath and the surrounding places burying thousands of pilgrims and local people.
  •  Many roads connecting the pilgrim centres like Kedarnath , Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamonitri and Govindgat have been damaged. In various parts of Uttarakhand around 400 roads have been damaged making communication and transportation difficult. Since this being the time of piligrimage: Chardam yatra of Hindus and visit to the holy place of Sikh community to Govindgath near Joshimath, there was huge flow of pilgrims to these places. It is reported that initially, over 70,000 pilgrims visiting these holy places were straddled in Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Uttarkasi areas.
  • District Authority had mentioned over 27 000 pilgrims straddled in Chamoli, 25,000 in Rudraprayag and nearly 9000 in Uttarkashi. This situation has led to problem of accommodation and food as they were being rescued by the Indian army
  • From 19th, onwards the state government deployed helicopters to rescue the people who were held up in different places particularly in Kedarnath temple area.
Concept: Global Crisis Related to – Population, Water, Sanitation and Land
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