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Discuss Any Three Applications of Ultrasonic Waves - Applied Physics 1


Discuss any three applications of Ultrasonic waves

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Non destructive testing:

  • Big concrete slabs,big metals castings like guarders can easily be tested for cracks,
    cavoties or any other flaws by using ultrasonic waves.When ultrasonic waved are
    passed through a flawless metal or concrete block it should go to the bottom of the block from where it is reflected back.
  • If there is a flawe .g.,a crack or a hole or an impurity the ultrasonics waves get
    reflected from the flaw due to the change in medium.By measuring the time interval between sending and receiving the ultrasonic signal in both the caeses the flow cam be detected and located.The detection of such flaws priorto the failure while in use is of great practical importance.

Emulsification :

  • Using cavitation effect immiscible liquids like oil and water or mercury and water can be transformed into stable emulsions.

Medicalapplications :

Ultrasonic waves are used in

  • Ultra Sonography
  •  Ultra sonicimaging
  •  Dental cutting
  • UltrasonicTomography
Concept: Ultrasonic Wave Generation
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