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Discuss Any Six Merits Under Indian Constitution of Liberal Democracy. - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Discuss any six merits under Indian Constitution of liberal democracy.

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The six merits under Indian Constitution of liberal democracy are as follows :
It offers the right to vote to all the adult citizens:
In a democratic country all the citizens above 18 years can elect their representatives through electoral process. They can also participate in decision-making process on various issues related to politics, economy and society. Even the President of the country who is responsible for taking the major decisions is also indirectly elected by the people.

It offers the opportunity to bring change :
The elected officials can’t stay in power for a long time. In case, the perfor-mance of the officials is not satisfactory, people can bring about a change by not supporting them.

It offers opportunity for the representation to people :
The elected leaders are people’s representative. People have the right to elect the candidate whom they consider as capable.

It promotes participation of the people :
A democratic government allows people to participate in the decision-making process. Thus, it helps in inculcating a sense of belongingness to the people. As the citizens have freedom to vote, they can consider themselves a significant part of society. Moreover, it also enables the citizens to make a difference in the society they are living through the electoral process.

It helps in promoting equality :
All the citizens are considered equal in front of law and every citizen above 18 years has a right to vote regardless of gender, caste or creed.

It enables people to give voice to their issues :
People have freedom to carry rallies to hold assemblies to raise their issues. In case the citizens are not happy with the working of the government or against some policy of the government can express their views openly against it.

Concept: Liberal Democratic State
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