Discuss Any Six Merits of a Presidential Form of Government. - Political Science

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Short Note

Discuss any six merits of a Presidential form of Government.

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Merits of Presidential Form of Government :

It guarantees stable government:
In a Presidential form of government, the govern¬ment becomes stable, because the President is elected for a fixed tenure and he cannot be removed from his office through a vote of no¬confidence. He can only be removed from his office through the process of impeachment, in case he or she violates the constitution.

Such system is most suitable for emergencies :
In a Presidential form of government, real powers of the government rest with the President. During a War or any other emergency, after consulting his or her administrators, the President can take a number of decisions independently. In the case of US, during war and emergency, the Congress also delegates its numerous powers to the President. Thus President in the US can be authoritative while dealing
with eme-gencies as during the World Wars.

Efficiency in administration :
As the President is empowered to appoint adminis-trative heads on the basis of ability rather than political affiliation they are responsible to the President and not to the parliament. This ensures administrative efficiency.

Less influence of political parties :
Compared to the Parliamentary government there is less influence of political parties in this system. This ensures less dependence on the Parliament for execution of functions.

Strong Executive :
Executive is independent of day-to-day interference of legislature, hence forms a stronger organ of functioning.

Expert Ministers :
A Presidential form of government is government by professionals and experts. 

Concept: Parliamentary and Presidential Forms of Government (U.K. and U.S.A.)
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