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Discuss Any Five Government Policies for the up Liftment of Tribals. - Sociology

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Short Note

Discuss any five government policies for the up liftment of tribals.

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Measures for the up liftment of the tribes are as follows :

Constitutional safeguards:

  1. Ar. 15 provides equal rights and opportunities to all the citizen of India.
  2. Ar. 16(4), 320 (4) and 335 reserves seats for the tribal people in employment opportunities. Reservation of seats in the legislatures.

LAMPS: Large-sized Multipurpose Co¬operative Societies were established in the tribal societies to give.

  1. Productive / unproductive loans.
  2. Sale of surplus produce and purchase of necessities of tribal life.
  3. Supply of modem agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, etc.

The 20-point program that focused on the development of the ST’s, assisting tribal families to aid them to cross the poverty line.

Tribal Panchasheela: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid down five principles which stated :

  1. Nothing should be imposed on the tribal people.
  2. Tribal rights in forests and land to be respected.
  3. Over-administration of tribal area not allowed.
  4. Tribal people to be trained to help them build their own team.
  5. Money not to be used as a measuring rod to adjudge human development.

Medical and Educational Facilities have been improved in the tribal areas.

Encouragement of crafts and Home Industries: Both the old and new tribal craft, handicraft industries are encouraged.
E.g. : Shilpo Melas (Artisan Fairs).

Concept: Present Conditions, Problems and Solutions of Indian Tribal
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