Direction: Read the Information Below and Answer the Question. on the Farewell Day Five Best Friends, Namely, Vishal, Anirudh, Gaurav Mansi, and Sapna, Clicked Their Photo - Logical Reasoning

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Direction: Read the information below and answer the question.

On the farewell day five best friends, namely, Vishal, Anirudh, Gaurav Mansi, and Sapna, clicked their photo, facing the photographer who is on the west.

They were standing as per the following conditions:

i. Sapna stands to the right of Mansi and Gaurav
ii. Gaurav stands to the left of Vishal and Sapna
iii. Mansi stands between Vishal and Anirudh
iv. There are two people between Anirudh and Gaurav

Who will be standing at the 2nd position from the right in the photograph?


  • Vishal

  • Mansi

  • Gaurav

  • Anirudh

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Concept: Direction and Distance Test (Entrance Exam)
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