Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Differentiate between Secondary and Tertiary activities - Geography

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Distinguish Between

Differentiate between

Secondary and Tertiary activities

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Sr. No. Secondary activities Tertiary activities
1. Secondary activities are mainly dependent on products obtained from primary activities. Tertiary activities are mostly in the form of paid services.
2. Manufacturing and processing are secondary activities. Buying and selling of goods, means of transportation and communication, loading and unloading of goods, credit facilities, marketing, import and export and other services like knife grinders, vegetable sellers, shopkeepers, passenger’s carriers, postal services, etc. are tertiary activities.
3. A secondary activity can occur away from the settlements. The tertiary activity like market is always found near the settlements.
Concept: Classification of Tertiary Economic Activities
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SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC Geography Maharashtra State Board 2022
Chapter 6 Tertiary Economic Activities
Differentiate between | Q 1
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