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Differentiate Between Renewable and Non-renewable Sources of Energy. - Environmental Studies

Distinguish Between

Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

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Sr. NO. Renewable sources Non-renewable sources
1 Renewable resources refers to the resources which replaces itself naturally, in a short period. Non-renewable resources are the one that are not capable of replacing itself, in near future.
2 It is sustainable It is exhaustible
3 It is present inunlimitedquantity It is present in limited quantity.
4 It is environmental friendly. It is not environmental friendly
5 Its cost is low Its cost is comparatively high
6 Rate of renewal is greater than the
rate of consumption
Rate of renewal is lower than the rate of consumption
7 Eg: trees Eg: crude oil, LPG
Concept: Importance of Renewable Sources of Energy
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