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Differentiate between Real gas and Ideal gas. - Chemistry

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Distinguish Between

Differentiate between Real gas and Ideal gas.

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No. Real gas Ideal gas
i. Shows deviation from Boyle’s and Charles’ law at high pressure and temperature. i.e. obeys Boyle’s law and Charles’ law at low pressure and high temperature.
Strictly obeys Boyle’s and Charles’ law.
ii. Molecules are not perfectly elastic. Molecules are perfectly elastic.
iii. The intermolecular attraction is present, hence collision takes place with a loss of kinetic energy. No attraction or repulsion between the gas molecules i.e. collision without loss of kinetic energy (K.E.)
iv. The actual volume of individual gas molecules is significant at high pressure and low temperature. The actual volume of the gas molecules is negligible as compared to the total volume of the gas.
v. Real gases undergo liquefaction at low temperatures when cooled and compressed. Ideal gases cannot be liquified even at low temperature but continues to obey Charles’ law and finally occupies zero volume at 0 K.
vi. Gases that exist in nature like H2, O2, CO2, N2, He, etc. are real gases. Practically, an ideal gas does not exist.
Concept: Deviation from Ideal Behaviour
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Balbharati Chemistry 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 10 States of Matter
Exercises | Q 3. (J) | Page 158

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