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Differentiate between : Rainforests and Savannah Climatic Regions - Geography

Distinguish Between

Differentiate between :

Rainforests and Savannah Climatic Regions

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  Equatorial Rainforests Savannah Climatic Regions
It lies between 0° to 10° latitudes in both hemispheres. It lies between 10° to 20° latitudes N and S.
Temperature As it lies near the equator sun rays are perpendicular and hence temperature is constantly high with an average temperature around 27°C. Distinct wet summers and dry winters with summer temperatures around 35°C and winter temperatures around 24°C. 
Rainfall Heavy convectional rainfall of 2500 mm to 3000 mm is evenly distributed over the year. In this region, the average rainfall of 250 mm to 1000 mm is expected.
Vegetation Evergreen trees with dense three-layered vegetation are found in rainforests. Tall thick grass (Elephant grass) with scattered drought-resistant trees are found in this region.
Animals Climbing and jumping animals, reptiles, etc., are found in this region.

Grazing of animals is common. 

Herbivorous, carnivorous, and scavengers are found in this region.

Regions of the world This type of climate is found in the Amazon basin, Congo basin, east coast of Central America, Madagascar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. and Papua New Guinea. This type of climate is found in India in the peninsular plateau and rain-shadow zone in Maharashtra, Telangana, and  Karnataka; parts of Mizoram. It is also found along the borders of Congo, South Central Africa, llanos of Venezuela, Campos of Brazil, etc.
Concept: Low-latitude Regions
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Balbharati Geography 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4 Climatic Regions
Exercise | Q 4.1 | Page 57
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