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Differentiate Between the Following. Liquids and Gases - Chemistry

Differentiate between the following.

Liquids and gases

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  1. Have definite volume but no definite shape
  2. Intermolecular force of attraction is weaker than that in solids
  3. Molecules are not as tightly packed as in solids and intermolecular space is more than that in solids.
  4. Molecules have no fixed position
  5. Can be compressed slightly
  6. Are capable of flowing


    1. Have no definite shape or volume
    2. Intermolecular force of attraction is the weakest (almost negligible)
    3. Intermolecular space is the maximum and the molecules are far apart.
    4. Molecules move around freely
    5. Can be easily compressed
    6. Can flow in all directions.
Concept: Main Postulates of Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter
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