Maharashtra State BoardHSC Science (Electronics) 11th

Differentiate between. Folkways and Mores - Sociology

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Distinguish Between

Differentiate between.

Folkways and Mores

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Sr No. Folkways Mores
i Folkways are mildly enforced social expectations. Mores are strictly held beliefs about behaviours.
ii These are less compulsory to follow as compared to mores. They don’t have very serious binding on groups. These are compulsorily required to be followed. The violation of mores is viewed as a threat to social order.
iii These represent customary, normal and habitual ways to meet certain needs or solving day-to-day problems. These are more serious norms than folkways. They are informal and unwritten customary ways of life.
iv Example: eating with spoon and fork, ways of draping a saree. Example: sexual relations before marriage are not permitted.
Concept: Classification of Culture
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Balbharati Sociology 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Culture
Exercise | Q 3. (2) | Page 61

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